249 East Route 70 (Between Rt 41 and I295) 
Cherry Hill, New Jersey 
Phone: 856-354-3181 
    FAX: 856-354-2184
E-mail: sales@georgiasfurs.com

        It doesn't matter where you bought your fur, we accept and taking care your fur at our lowest prices.
Whiskey Stroller
GOLD STORAGE $49.99* Regular $52.99


Bring your furs and leathers to Georgia's Furs for the finest in cold storage. A climate and Humidity Controlled Vault to keep your fur cool, comfortable and looking fabulous. A basement or Air condition does not offer the proper conditions for fur storage. A cedar chest is never a good place for a fur coat.

*Remodeling    * Alterations* Personal Service By Georgia

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Bussines Hours: Monday - Saturday  10:00 - 5:00 PM.

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